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Kemper Profiler Morphing

    Morphing is a useful feature of the Kemper Profiler that combines two rig settings in a single preset.   After some simple setup,  you can gradually blend (or morph) between tones using a switch or expression pedal. In this latest video tutorial, we run through a more or less complete tutorial on morphing with the Kemper profiler including: What is… Read More »Kemper Profiler Morphing

    Multi-Meter Tutorial for Guitar

    A digital multi-meter is a a useful piece of equipment for any guitar player. Even if you are not particularly technically inclined, there are a few simple tests that can save hours in set-up, tuning, and fault finding.   The tests described here are all low voltage, and safe even if you get things wrong. Devices connected to wall power… Read More »Multi-Meter Tutorial for Guitar

    Boxing it up

      If you are building an effects pedal, you are likely going to need a case, or enclosure to keep it in. Let’s face it, the varying names and colors on the boxes are often the only differences between certain types of pedal anyway.   The gold standard for containment in the pedal biz is the die cast aluminum enclosure from… Read More »Boxing it up

      Fix your tone with a dead battery

        Have you ever heard the story about how renowned tone magician Eric Johnson, keeps around a box of partially discharged 9 volt batteries, and can tell the state of charge from the sound of his fuzz pedal? There are plenty of people who are convinced their gear sounds better with different levels of battery charge. Some pedal board power supplies… Read More »Fix your tone with a dead battery

        Batteries Included

          I’m not sure of the reason the de-facto standard for effects pedal power became the 9V battery. Many low current pedals such as buffers, boosts, and distortions could easily be designed to run equally well on the more common AA battery type if we so desired.   I’ll hazard a guess that history has a lot to do with it.… Read More »Batteries Included

          More Pedal Power

            This is a follow on from a previous Pedal Power post on power supplies for effects pedals. In this article we are going to take a look at how to match power supply features with your pedals, and choose the right supply to meet your requirements.   1. Input Power First, you are going to need to check that the input power requirements… Read More »More Pedal Power

            Blueboard Expression Pedal

            Here’s a quick guide to configuring the iRig Blueboard wireless MIDI controller with a Mission SP-1 switching expression pedal.   We had a request recently via the Mission Customer Service queue about using the iRig Blueboard with a Mission SP-1. The Blueboard is a handy little battery operated MIDI controller that can send  MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages… Read More »Blueboard Expression Pedal

            Multi Tap Tempo Hack

            Someone asked me recently if the Mission Expressionator could be used as a multi-tap tempo controller, so I created this little hack to do it. It will work with any Expressionator, so read on to see how you can try this for yourself.   Many modern digital effects pedals and multi-effects units include a tap tempo capability. By tapping on… Read More »Multi Tap Tempo Hack