The Mission 5-CV is a dual output +5V control voltage pedal for use with synthesizers, keyboards, and effects


Many synthesizers, keyboards, multi-effects units and effects pedals can accept a CV input for controlling variable parameters, filters etc. The 5-CV provides two regulated +5VDC control voltages that can be varied by moving the pedal. Out 1 provides +5V at toe down and Out 2 provides +5V at heel down so that you can choose the direction of the sweep, or connect two devices simultaneously in different directions.


No external interfaces are required as the analog control voltage is generated by the pedal, just connect one or both outputs to the CV inputs on your synth or effects units with a TRS cable.



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The 5-CV requires an external 9VDC center pin negative power supply.

Please note that the 5-CV should be used with devices that accept a +5V control voltage (CV) only. The 5CV should never be connected to passive expression pedal inputs as damage to the pedal or the remote device could occur. Read the user manual, and check with the manufacturer of the device if you are not sure.

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Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in