529M Pro Pack


The 529M, battery and cables, ready to go.

Everything you need to quickly power your pedals with a rechargeable battery pack. The Pro Pack includes one Mission 529M USB-PD power converter bundled with the 529M rechargeable battery pack, 18W USB-C wall charger, and a set of power cables.


The Pro Pack saves $40 on the individual item price.

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529M Pro Pack includes:

1 x 529M Power Converter
1 x 529 13,400mAh USB-PD battery pack
1 x 18W USB-C wall charger
1 x USB C Cable
1 x 2.1mm – 2.5mm adapter
5 x 2.1mm power cables
1 x 2.1mm 6 output daisy chain cable

Due to current restrictions on the shipping of Lithium batteries, this product is available in the United States only.

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in