Rewah-PRO Bass


Rewah Pro is the next generation all analog wah pedal for electric bass.

The bass version is built around the same custom inductor as the Rewah Pro for guitar, but with specially modified circuit design to support the bass frequency range. The superior frequency response of Mission’s extra large Rewah inductor makes an excellent basis for an outstanding bass wah sound. Rewah Pro Bass features the same audiophile quality dual transistor, JFET output, and hardwired True Bypass for extremely low noise, as well as Rewah’s unique switchable tone modifications.


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Sw1. Increases gain to add slight overdrive to the output transistor.
Sw2. Slightly lowers the filters center frequency and reduces the bandwidth for a more nasal wah sound.
Sw3. Significantly lowers the center of the filter band for a bass heavy wah.
Sw4. Slightly reduces gain and increases bandwidth for a cleaner sound.

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Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in