Support Basics

There is a User Guide for most Mission products which often contains answers to some of the most common support questions. Some products have printed User Guides included in the box. You can also download the latest versions in printable form from the printed user guide page.

If you are connecting a Mission expression pedal to a remote device such as a digital amplifier, effects unit, or MIDI controller, check the instruction manual for the device. Expression pedals usually require minimal configuration themselves, but the devices they are connected to often require some setup. This will normally be documented in the manufacturers instruction manual for the specific device the expression pedal is being connected to.

If no setup instructions were included with an expression pedal, this is because there is nothing to setup on the pedal itself. The setup instructions will be included in the instruction manual for the device you are connecting to.

Printable User Guides

View the list of all Mission User Guides in printable form


View the list of common questions and answers

Some newer products have Electronic User Guides which are regularly updated web pages containing setup instructions, FAQ’s, photos, tutorial videos and more. Compatible products may have a QR code which you can scan with a smart device to link to the Electronic User Guide.

Look for the Electronic User Guide Icon.

Contact Mission

If you need to contact us for support, having all the relevant details available will enable us to provide the fastest possible service.

  • Name and contact details

  • Mission product name and model

  • Where you purchased the product

  • Serial number and build date

  • Other products you are connecting

  • Description of your problem or question

To find the serial # and build date on most Mission pedals, remove the base plate or base of the enclosure, and locate the silver serial label.

On amplifiers and speakers the serial # and build date are on the black and white product label on the rear. You can also scan the bar code to retrieve the serial #.

Need more help?

Check out the contact details to see the ways you can reach us.