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Effectsblog covers subjects in more depth than we would normally get to do in a demo, tutorial video, or general news article. Mixed in with the primarily technical subjects are some business, regulatory, and other general manufacturing articles related to electronics in music.

For example, some of our popular articles include explaining how to get started building your own effects pedals:

Building pedals for fun and profit

Battery technology, and how to chose the right batteries for your gear:

Batteries Included
More Batteries Included

And a Volume Pedal Q&A

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  • Hi, I’m running some power hungry effects pedals (strymon big sky and iridium among others) with the mission rechargeable power supply. Because of the current draw the battery doesn’t last that long. Is there any way I can augment this with, say, the type of battery bricks that are used to run/recharge iPads and iPhones. Do you have any that you would recommend? Thanks very much,


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