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I am the founder and CEO of Mission Engineering

Six Internet Store Scams

If you run an internet business, whether it’s an auction store selling home built pedals from your garage or a large commercial enterprise, sooner or later someone is going to try to scam you. Here are a few or my favorites from over the years and some suggestions on how to be prepared for them.   These are all based… Read More »Six Internet Store Scams

Coming Clean about Clean Headroom

Guitar players are often going on about clean headroom, particularly in relation to tube amps: “this amp has plenty of clean headroom”, or “there’s not enough clean headroom”, or even “there’s too much clean headroom”. We also hear it mentioned, though, in relation to effects pedals, and how plugging in a 12V power supply to a 9V pedal for example… Read More »Coming Clean about Clean Headroom