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expression = control

in 2009 Mission Engineering created the SP-1, the first switching expression pedal designed for use with the latest digital modeling amplifiers such as the Fractal Audio Axe-FX and Line 6 POD. Since then there has been an explosion of new digital devices that work with expression pedals, and Mission has one for every task.

Expression pedals connect to devices such as modelers, effects pedals and MIDI controllers for use with variable effects such as wah, pitch and volume. Unlike cheap, plastic keyboard expression pedals, Mission pedals are all metal, and are designed and built in the USA. Get the look, feel and rugged reliability of traditional analog pedals, with the added benefit of digital control.

which one?

There is no standard for expression pedals, so Mission works with the designers of effects, amplifiers and MIDI controllers to create product specific expression pedals that are guaranteed to just work. You’ll find a Mission expression pedal for most of the popular digital devices available such as Line 6, Kemper, NeuralDSP, Eventide, TC Electronic and Fractal Audio Systems.

For effects pedals, keyboards and other devices, our Mission EP-1 and EP-25K pedals general use expression pedals will usually work. We provide compatibility details, documentation and video tutorials to help get you going.


Sometimes you might want to share a single expression pedal between multiple devices so you don’t have too many pedals taking up space. This turns out to be a bit more complicated that you might think. That’s why we created Expressionator. Expressionator is the worlds first programmable multi-expression controller.

Unlike an analog splitter, Expressionator stores the pedal position on each channel, holding an effect in one position, while you switch to another function. For example you could set volume control to 50% and Expressionator will hold it there while you switch your expression pedal away to control something else. When you are done, you can switch back to volume control again.

Expressionator is switchable on a per channel basis to provide either passive expression or +5V CV out, so it can be used with synth modules, keyboards, and other CV devices as well as effects pedals, rack units, and MIDI controllers. Almost any TRS expression pedal can be used as an input. You can even use a passive volume pedal, and Expressionator will convert it to behave like a linear expression pedal.

WHAT users SAY

Sturdy and durable. Worth every penny.

Great, solid pedal for use with Helix or Helix rack. Smooth, accurate, quiet. I’ll be buying another one.

Metal, Solid, Heavy Weight. Good rubber feet, does not slip around on the floor. Not cheesy or plastic. Very happy with this expression pedal.

Very impressed with the quality of the construction and the ease of use.