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Line 6 Electronic User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Mission Line 6 Expression Pedal. This product is designed to be intuitive to setup and operate, and to provide many years of trouble-free service. However, we recommend that you take a few moments to read through this User Guide in order to get the best possible experience with your new pedal. The Mission Line 6 expression pedals are designed to work optimally with Line 6 products. There are two Line 6 expression pedal models: EP1-L6 and SP1-L6H. The EP1-L6 is compatible with any Line 6 device that has an external expression pedal input. The SP1-L6H includes a switch that works with the toe switch input on the Line Helix Rack, Helix Rack Controller, and HX Stomp.

Depending on the Line 6 device, the expression pedal can be used to control variable parameters such as volume, wah, pitch, and other amp and effect parameters. The EP1-L6 has one 1/4″ TS output on the left side marked OUT 1. Connect this to the expression pedal input of your compatible Line 6 device with a regular 1/4″ TS instrument cable. This is the only required connection on the EP1-L6. The other inputs and outputs on the pedal are unused and blanked off.

The SP1-L6H has a second output for the switch control. Connect this to the toe switch input on a Line 6 Helix Rack or Line 6 Helix Rack Controller using a 1/4″ TS instrument cable.

The HX Stomp has both the expression and switch functions on a single connector. Use a TRS insert cable (stereo Y cable) to connect the two outputs from the SP1-L6H to the TRS pedal input on the HX Stomp.

External expression pedal toe switch support is available on the Helix Rack, and HX Stomp only. The switch can be left unconnected when not required, or if the connected device does not support itThe expression pedal and switch functions are passive. The expression pedals do not require a separate power supply or battery. After connecting the pedals, it is necessary to configure the Line 6 device settings to tell it what you want the expression pedal to control.

The procedure is different depending on the Line 6 product and is documented in your Line 6 product User Guide. Watch the videos included in this electronic user guide for examples. To connect the SP1-L6 to the HX Stomp, you may optionally use a single TRS cable in place of the TRS Y cable. This simplifies setup and reduces wiring complexity on a pedal board.

To use this feature, connect a 1/4″ TRS cable from OUT 1 on the SP1-L6H to the EXP/FS input on the HX Stomp. No connection is required to output 2. The EXP function will be on the tip, and the FS function will be on the ring. If the factory default assignments are programmed on the HX Stomp, the expression pedal will control EXP1 and 2, and the switch will control FS5 which will toggle the expression pedal between 1 and 2. You can change the assignments from the Global Menu if required.

If the factory default assignments are programmed on the HX Stomp, you can quickly test the operation of the pedal by selecting preset 2B, Pedalbored. The expression pedal will control either volume or wah, and the foot switch will toggle between them.

If you have an older SP1-L6H Revision A, these functions will still work, but you must use a Y cable to connect a Rev. A pedal to the HX Stomp. Rev. B pedals can use either a Y cable or a TRS cable.

To identify if you have a Rev B pedal check the output jacks. Rev A pedals have a metal washer, and Rev B have a plastic washer. Internally Rev A pedals are hardwired, whereas Rev B pedals utilize a PCB

“Can I use the SP1-L6H without the Helix Rack?” The Helix Rack, Helix Rack controller, and HX Stomp support the toe switch input with the SP1-L6H. The expression function of the SP1-L6H will work with other Line 6 devices, and the switch output can be left unconnected.

The Mission Line 6 expression pedals are intended to be connected to Line 6 devices only and are not supported for use with other manufacturers products.