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mission 529

what is 529?

Mission Engineering 529 is the worlds most advanced guitar pedal power supply. If you are using the latest in digital effects pedals, modelers, multi-effects or wireless systems, you should be using the most up to date power supplies to power them.

Traditional power supplies are based on old designs that have been around for decades. 529 leverages technology from computing and automotive applications to make modern power supplies that are smaller, lighter and more powerful.

Mission 529 supercharges your pedal board with state-of-the-art features such as USB Power Delivery and wireless rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries.

Some digital modelers require more than 100 times the power of analog effects pedals. The 529M provides programmable voltage outputs up to 20V and a massive 5000mA of current suitable for the most power-hungry devices such as the Line 6 HX Effects and NeuralDSP Quad Cortex.

Check out the Mission 529 models and get more power and more capabilities with the worlds most advanced guitar pedal power supplies.

more power, less noise

Good isolation in pedal board power supplies is very important as it prevents noise generated by digital devices passing into the audio path. If you have ever connected up an effect pedal and been greeted by unpleasant noises, you’ll know what we mean. 

If noise from the power circuit makes its way into the audio path, you’ll hear it through your amp as hiss, hum, whining or clicking. When using 529 with a DC battery source, there is no AC noise such as 60 cycle hum to worry about. Isolated outputs and extensive filtering on the switching side make the 529 one of the quietest supplies available.


The 529i powers your entire pedalboard from an internal rechargeable Lithium battery. With 2 x 500mA and 6 x 300mA 9V fully isolated outputs, the 529i will power your pedalboard for 4 hours or more on a single charge. Recharge using the included 12V power supply, or from any USB charger.

The isolated 5V USB output can be used to simultaneously charge mobile devices, ideal if you use a phone or tablet for set lists, scores or lyrics. The included voltage doubler cable allows two outputs to be used in series to power 18V pedals. All 9V outputs include short circuit and over-current protection. LED indication displays input and output power active, charge state, and fault condition. There’s even a power switch to turn all your pedals on or off with a single touch.

Mission 529i guitar pedal power supply


Small, light and ultra-quiet, the Mission 529 is the world’s first USB isolated power supply for small pedalboards. 529 can power your pedals with the included wall power supply, but the beauty is that you can switch this out for almost any rechargeable power-bank, phone charger, computer, or even a car USB port.

With four isolated 150mA outputs for standard pedals, plus one 500mA output for high power devices, 529 gives you the flexibility to switch between wall and battery power on demand.

At just 4″ long and weighing only 4oz, the 529 is one of the lightest power supplies available. It easily fits under the smallest of pedalboards, such as the Pedaltrain Nano.


With eight low noise isolated outputs and high current capability, in a compact 1”, 6oz enclosure, the 529X is the ideal power supply for medium sized pedal boards and fly rigs.

Each of the 8 outputs can provide 500mA at 9V (4.5W) up to a system maximum 16.8W. Use the supplied parallel cable to power high current devices such as modelers and multi-effects up to 1000mA.

The 529X can be used anywhere in the world as a regular pedalboard power supply with the included small wall adapter. 529X can also be expanded with the 529M or 529P to be entirely battery powered. The 529X is ideal if you mostly use wall power but want the security of using a battery when required.


The 529M is the world’s most powerful pedalboard power supply.

Using the very latest in USB Power Delivery technology, 529M works with a USB-PD charger or rechargeable power bank to provide a single high current (3000mA) output with five selectable voltages. Used with a suitable power bank or wall charger, the 529M delivers up to 60W of power to modern digital modelers and multi-effects from a tiny, lightweight device about the size of a 9V battery and weighing just one ounce.

529M can be used with a daisy chain cable to provide a stable 9V to large numbers of analog effects or as a single output power supply for high current devices such as the Line 6 HX series and NeuralDSP Quad Cortex.


The 529P is a 25,000mAh rechargeable power bank for audio applications.

With two USB A outputs, one USB-C Power Delivery output, and a programmable DC output, this power bank powers just about any audio device including audio workstations, USB audio interfaces and guitar pedal boards. It can even power high current digital modeling devices and small amplifiers.

529 superpowers

Compare the features of the 529 models and choose the best ones for you and your gear.


Perfect for small to medium pedal boards, flexibility is the 529’s superpower. Use the included power supply, or a rechargeable power bank, phone charger, computer, even a car USB port. The 529 is a great choice for ultra-quiet power for small fly rigs from either battery or wall supplies.


The 529i superpower is it’s powered by its own internal rechargeable battery. No noisy power, searching for outlets or snaking long power cables at a gig. The 529i is its own self-contained power source. Even if you have wall power available battery power is usually quieter and more reliable. Most people who have used a 529 say they’ll never go back to wall power.


The 529M is the only pedal power supply designed for high current digital modelers such as Line 6 HX, Pod, and NeuralDSP Quad Cortex. If you want to ditch the huge wall wart the 529M is the way to do it. The world’s only USB-PD capable pedalboard power supply with five voltages and 3000mA, the 529M superpower is simply more power!


With eight 500mA capable outputs in a thin and light package, the 529X provides the most isolated outputs for its size. 529X is ideal for pedalboards where you need the most power in the smallest possible space


USB A, USB C, programmable DC output, and a 25,000mAh battery. The 529P provides long run times for high current devices such as the NeuralDSP Quad Cortex as well as audio workstations and small amplifiers.

multiple 529

Since 529 uses USB standard connections, most models can be used together or expanded to power more complex pedal boards. The 529 and 529M can be used with different sized power banks so you can choose the best one for your needs.

WHAT users SAY

 I was wall-wart/daisy-chaining power before, and pedal noise made my pedals almost unusable. This made my pedal train so quiet that I’m actually hearing all the nuances of the pedal effects that I’d never heard before! No wires running to the wall are a HUGE bonus. 

What a brilliant little product! I have no idea how it does what it does but it works like a charm and was a great solution for my small pedal array. Highly recommended!

I was putting up with the 60-cycle hum for a long time because the thought of changing out 9V batteries for each one was causing me to have them all cheaply daisy-chained together from a single plug for convenience. Finally, I broke down and bought this and I’m thrilled.

Works exactly as advertised. Very sleek in person. You won’t regret your purchase.