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The world’s first programmable multi-expression controller.

Connect one expression pedal with up to three expression enabled effects and control them individually or simultaneously.

Expressionator is a digital device that samples the input from a regular expression pedal, digitally manipulates it, stores it, and then converts the signal back to three analog outputs either via digital potentiometer or CV.

Unlike an analog splitter, Expressionator stores the pedal position on each channel, holding an effect in one position, while you switch to another function. For example you could set volume control to 50% and Expressionator will hold it there while you switch your expression pedal away to control wah. When you are done, you can switch back to take over volume control again.

Each channel is individually programmable so you can set independent start, stop positions and tapers for each effect. No need to have different expression pedals for different effects. Expressionator can also be set to control multiple devices at once, so you could decrease reverb mix, increase delay repeats, and increase gain at the same time from one pedal.

1. Three stomp switch selectable expression outputs.
2. Five programmable taper options
3. Three color LED channel selection indication.
4. LED pedal position indicator.
5. Internal memory to save presets.

Programs are saved to memory so that your settings are ready to go when you power on. Expressionator is switchable on a per channel basis to provide either passive expression or +5V CV out, so it can be used with synth modules, keyboards, and other CV devices as well as effects pedals, rack units, and MIDI controllers. Almost any TRS expression pedal can be used as an input. You can even use a passive volume pedal, and Expressionator can convert it to behave like a linear expression pedal. Expressionator is compatible with expression pedal inputs on most stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and multi-effects units.

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]Input requires TRS expression pedal.
Mission recommended input pedals are:
EP25-PRO Aero

Output 20K Ohm linear tip to wiper expression or +5V CV switch selectable
Line 6 devices require the Line 6 adapter

Requires an external power supply (not included)
9VDC 2.1mm center pin negative. Minimum 150mA recommended.
Expressionator is a digital device. It is recommended to use an isolated power supply designed for use with digital pedals.

Width 4.4″
Depth 2.5″
Height 1.12″
Height including stomp 1.75″
Weight 0.45lb

Please note: There are thousands of devices with expression and CV inputs and not all of them work the same way. Mission does not guarantee that Expressionator will work with all such devices.

Most Mission pedals are built to order and normally ship within 7 -10 business days.

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in