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XR Polarity Reversal Adapter


For use with reversed polarity devices such as Rocktron, Custom Audio Electronics, and RJM.

The majority of devices that have expression pedal inputs require an expression pedal wired TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) with the tip connected to the output. However, some devices have the ring connected to the output. A list of those that we know about is included below. For these you normally need a special expression pedal, or a pedal that is switchable between different modes. The Mission XR Polarity Reversal Adapter allows you to connect most common TRS tip output expression pedals to these devices so that they work perfectly.

No changes to your device or expression pedal are required. Just plug in the 1/4″ TRS plug into the expression pedal input on your device, and then connect the expression pedal to the adapter with a TRS cable or the internal cable provided with the pedal.

A locking jack with quick release button keeps everything securely connected in use, yet easy to setup and tear down. 20AWG OFHC conductors provide a quality connection. The Mission XR Polarity Reversal Adapter is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.

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RJM Music
RJM Mastermind
RJM Mastermind GT
RJM Mastermind PBC

Rocktron All Access
Rocktron MIDI Mate
Rocktron MIDI Raider

Custom Audio Electronics

Axess Electronics FX-1
Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe
GigRig Wetter Box

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