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Innovative Electronics for Music

Mission Announces Gemini Series – Space Age Amplification

Gemini Flyer
Press Release

Mission Engineering designs and builds professional quality electronics products for musicians. Mission is the world’s only manufacturer of switching expression and volume pedals optimized for best performance with specific amplifiers, processors, and effects. Our all metal pedals are designed and built in the USA, and available in your choice of high quality colors and finishes. Our unique switching expression pedals let you use one pedal for multiple functions, helping keep down the size and weight of your pedal board. We work directly with the engineers of the original equipment to optimize the design, and ensure that when you connect up your pedal it just plain works. You can turn effects on an off at the pedal and recreate that beloved vintage wah feel. You can even customize your pedal to add LED status indication, spring loaded return, and other professional grade features to make it do just what you need. Our effect pedals feature innovations you won’t find anywhere else, such as the Mission Rewah with it’s switchable tone stack. Mission products are in daily use by touring bands, solo artists, recording studios and venues worldwide. So use what the pro’s use, and get on a Mission.