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5 Great Guitars For Beginners

    Do you look at guitarists with envy and wish you could play guitar too, but have no idea how to get started? Well, the first step of your journey, without a doubt, will be picking up your very first guitar to learn with! There are often so many choices that it is overwhelming when you step into that music store, so a little guidance may be helpful. Here, will we list some of the best electric guitars for beginners.

    Yamaha Pacifica


    The Yamaha Pacifica series of guitars is great; the PAC112V in particular is widely regarded as one of the best for new players. These guitars have their pickups set up in a way that allows great tonal variety, and this aspect allows beginners to see what kind of sounds they like the most.

    These guitars also have a great body shape that is ergonomic, and look very similar to a Stratocaster, which some people may see as a cool bonus. The neck of the guitar is smaller in width than average electric guitars, which will be excellent for people who have small hands and for new players in general. They also have a great build quality, and are overall an excellent value for the price.

    Squier Affinity Stratocaster


    If you won’t settle for anything less than a Stratocaster but still want something affordable to start your journey with, then this guitar is for you. This guitar features the styling of the iconic Stratocaster, and could be considered the Stratocaster’s “little brother”. It has a lightweight body that makes it comfortable to hold for long hours of practice.

    You will ultimately outgrow this guitar as you practice and learn more, but it will serve you well at the start of your musical journey and you will certainly look back on it fondly long after you move on to more advanced-level guitars.

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    Epiphone Les Paul-100


    Do you want to start out with a Les Paul? Then this guitar is for you. It is known for holding its tuning very well, so you spend less time tuning and more time playing. You will also get a classic, vintage sound out of this guitar due to the type of pickups used, making this a great guitar for people who enjoy classic sounds.

    The Les Paul-100 also has a slimmer body than the big boys of its family, so it is very comfortable and easy to hold and play. It is, however, still a bit heavier than most Stratocasters, so keep that in mind.

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    Squier Bullet Mustang


    The Squier Bullet Mustang is one of the smaller guitars on this list; it has a smaller body and a shorter neck, which makes it a little easier to play for someone who is learning. But, because this guitar is smaller, it is absolutely perfect for kids to learn with. And despite this guitar being small, it still packs a punch with its sound when paired with a quality amp. Overall, this guitar is great for a young aspiring rockstar!

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    Ibanez Gio Series


    If you are looking for an axe to play fast metal on right from the start, then these guitars are absolutely perfect for you. These guitars are a well-priced entry into the world of metal, and are unmatched for this purpose.

    However, it is important to note that these guitars are not quite as versatile in tone as the other guitars listed here and should really only be picked up by people who want to play this specific type of music.

    What was your first guitar? Did it work out well for you? Let us know in the comments!

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