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5 Items to Display Your Guitar With

    Do you want to show off your guitar to everyone that steps foot in your home, but don’t have anything to display it with? Do you just leave your guitar leaning against a wall or on a floor rack? There are much better (and safer) solutions than that for displaying your beloved axe, and we have a handful of those options listed below!


    String Swing Guitar Hanger

    To start off, here’s a very simple wall hanger for your guitar. This hook is extremely sturdy, and can even pivot to accommodate any headstock. You can be sure that your precious guitar won’t be falling to the floor if you use this hanger!

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    Guitar Display Case

    Is a hook on the wall just isn’t enough to protect your precious guitar? This elegant cabinet is the perfect solution for you then. Your guitar will be safe from dust, moisture, and even sunlight in this UV-protected case. Plus, it looks great!

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    String Swing Horizontal Guitar Holder

    If you would prefer to hang your guitar horizontally, this mount is a great choice. It will safely cradle your guitar’s body and neck in it’s padded arms, while showing it off for everyone to see.

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    Multi-use Wall Hanger

    If you need your guitar mount to do more than just hold your guitar, check this one out! It’s a shelf with a built-in guitar hook. It also has several other small hooks that you could hang your jacket or your keys on.

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    Guitar Pick Collection Case

    If you are going to display your guitars, why not also display your favorite picks? This pick case functions like a binder, with pages that have special cutouts to put your picks in. It would be a great way to keep all your special picks safe, or even to just show off your favorites in a very unique way!

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