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5 More Unique Instruments From Around the World

    There are so many fun and exciting instruments out there in the world that it would be impossible to go over all of them in one blog, so here is part two of our previous blog (which you can check out here) on this topic. Now, let’s dive into the world of interesting and unique instruments once more!




    Did you ever imagine that fire could make music if you know how to manipulate it? Well, it most certainly can! It turns out that fire in a glass pipe can make different tones depending on the air supply. These instruments were invented in the 1800’s by a man named Georges Frédéric Eugène Kastner, and they are quite rare to come by.




    Since we have now seen fire being used as an instrument, we need some water to balance it out! Here is the hydraulophone, an instrument that is created with a pipe that has water running through holes on it. This instrument has a very unique and rather surprisingly beautiful sound to it, and is quite pleasant to listen to. Some versions even have electronic amplifiers on them! The hydraulophone is also a relatively recent instrument; it was first created in 2005.




    The theremin is one of the few musical instruments out there that you do not touch to play. The antennas of the instrument instead sense where the musician’s hands are and adjust the sound accordingly. Both hands are used to play the instrument, with each hand controlling something different. Theremins are used in popular music in the media, such as movie and television show soundtracks; it is valued for its eerie sound. It was created by a Russian man named Leon Theremin, and patented in 1928.




    Of all the instruments on this list, this one is certainly the funniest. The otamatone is a relatively new instrument that was created in Japan. It is quite silly looking; the bottom part of the instrument where the sound comes out of is shaped like it is the instrument’s “head”, with two dot eyes and a mouth. To play the instrument, you open the “mouth” while placing your fingers on the metal neck. It is actually quite similar to a guitar in how it is designed and held in the hands. Check out the video above to have a good laugh at an otamatone being used for metal.


    Glass Armonica


    The glass armonica is probably one of the most elegant instruments on this list. It is also quite interesting to look at; it is a long, spinning device with different size glass bowls on it that create the sound when they are touched. This instrument also has quite a notable inventor; Benjamin Franklin! Also, this instrument was thought to curse whoever played it with depression because of its melancholic sounds. This was, of course, a rumor.

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