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5 More Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guitarists

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Valentine’s day is nearly here and the time to get a gift is running out quickly. If you are still struggling with finding that perfect gift for your guitarist spouse, check out these awesome finds below. Perhaps one of them would be the perfect gift!


    Being both useful and sweet, these heart-shaped picks are a great choice for a gift, as every guitarist always needs spare picks. Every time your loved one plays guitar with one of these, they will think of you.

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    Leather Guitar Bracelet

    A classy, simple bracelet is a good gift for anyone. This bracelet in particular features a very simple but elegant design, and it comes in multiple different variations! Your spouse could wear the bracelet every day, because this design will match anything.

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    Wooden Pick Box

    This gift is very simple but very useful. But, with how plain this little wooden box is, it would be very easy to customize. You could order this pick box and paint it or get it engraved; the possibilities are endless! It could be a useful and very thoughtful gift with a little bit of creativity.

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    Musician’s Mug

    Mugs are always a great choice; everybody could always use one! This mug in particular would make a very fun gift. It is covered in musical notes, and it even includes a lid that has piano keys on it! It is sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face, and remind them of how awesome you are at giving gifts every time they use this mug.

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    Guitar Blanket

    Nothing is more romantic than spending an evening cuddled up under a blanket, and nothing is better than giving the gift of warmth! This ultra soft and cozy blanket would be a great gift for your valentine this year; it’s a gift they can appreciate all year long, especially in the winter!

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