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529i Rechargeable Power Supply Update

529i Specs and Pricing Details

Thanks to everyone who posted their comments, and contacted us with questions regarding the announcement of the Mission 529i rechargeable pedal board power supply. I’m happy to announce that the 529i product page is now posted with more information on the specifications and pricing.

We are estimating availability in the next 90 days. Contact your favorite guitar store and ask them if they will be getting the Mission 529i Rechargeable Power Supply in stock. We’ll also have a competition to win a 529i so keep an eye on these updates in your email box.

10 thoughts on “529i Rechargeable Power Supply Update”

  1. Would I be able to power an HX Stomp and a few other pedals off of this at once? What is your best solution for that? 1 529 and one 529HC? Id like one power supply if possible.

    1. You would need to connect two or three outputs in parallel with a daisy chain cable to provide enough current, and the battery life would not be all that long. We have an approved power supply for the HX Stomp, the Mission 529M

  2. Hi there. If I only intended to use the 529i PLUGGED IN and not the battery function to power the HX stomp and 4 other analog stomp box pedals would this work ?

    As I understand I’d need to daisy chain two of the 500ma 9v outputs for the stomp. Would this be stable ?

    1. The 529i should be used to power pedals with the internal battery and then recharged when not in use. It’s not recommended to recharge it while in use. For high current devices such as the Line 6 HX Stomp and traditional AC power supplies we recommend the Mission 529M and 529X.

  3. I can’t find the dimensions for the 529i anywhere on the net, could you please let me know so I can check it with my pedalboard (Giggu 2) to see if and where I could place it also could I use the current battery I have (Joyo) that has a usb out to the usb in on the 529i for extended use. Regards Keith.

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