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6 More Awesome Gifts for Guitarists

    Christmas is almost here, and tis’ the time of giving! Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the guitar player in your life, even after checking out our previous list of 10 interesting gifts for guitarists? Well, we’ve got you covered with 6 more unique and interesting gift ideas!


    Guitar Pen Holder

    Do you have a guitarist friend who has a disorganized desk? Then this gift would be perfect to help get them on the right track to organization! This pen holder is also great for the guitarist with a desk job as a constant reminder of their favorite thing throughout the day. They can imagine themselves rocking out, just like the stick figure featured on the pen holder!

    Check it out here


    Matching Pillowcases

    Does your significant other play guitar or love to listen to you jam? This pair of matching pillowcases would be a great choice for that. Picturing a person serenading another person with a guitar, this sweet gift is a great reminder of how much you support your loved one in their passion.

    Check it out here


    Chord Chart T-Shirt

    There are plenty of shirts with guitars on them out there, but it isn’t often you come across one with the ever-important chords as the primary design! Most guitarists would appreciate this shirt, but it would be especially great for a guitar teacher.

    Check it out here


    Guitar Spoon Set

    Check out these unique spoons; they are shaped like guitars! Everyone needs spoons, so these are a great gift for any guitar enthusiast and are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face every time they use one of these. These are also excellent for stirring coffee!

    Check it out here


    Guitar Socks

    You can never go wrong with giving someone comfortable and warm socks, especially in the winter, and these socks will turn their feet into guitar necks! The socks let you wear your passion for guitar anywhere and any time.

    Check it out here


    Guitar PopSocket

    PopSockets are very handy. They can be attached to the back of a phone and used as a stand, or to help you hang on to your phone while you are taking a photo or playing a game. This one in particular has a fantastic design that will look great on any guitarist’s phone. These make great stocking stuffers!

    Check it out here

    Did these gift ideas help you find something that someone will love to open on Christmas? Or maybe it gave you some ideas on what to get! Let us know in the comments!

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