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Aclam: Building Your Pedalboard the Easy Way

    Building pedal boards is fun, but it’s also often frustrating. The de-facto method of fixing pedals with Velcro is simple and inexpensive but I don’t know, something about it doesn’t feel like a real engineering solution. It’s also kind of messy. When you need to rearrange pedals or swap them out for new ones, removing the goop is a pain. If you have expensive vintage pedals you probably won’t want even to do that anyway. It’s really fiddly with very small pedals too.

    You’ll also need to power your pedalboard and connecting power supplies presents similar challenges. The hook and loop solution may not always work, and some other methods such as drilling the pedalboard may be challenging for some people.

    Aclam Smart Track is a properly engineered solution rather than an odd series of workarounds. It’s a track-based system with small movable brackets that slide up and down the track to position the pedals where you need. The brackets screw into place and can easily be moved with no drilling or adhesives required and protect the pedal finish while holding it securely in place. For me, laying out a new board typically involves a fair bit of trial and error, and this just makes it so much easier.

    Aclam have addressed the challenges of the underside of the pedalboard with a series of custom brackets for power supplies that easily slot into the board. They’ve included support for the Mission 529 power supplies too, so you can simply put together a fully wireless pedalboard. If you are a pedal board neat freak, Aclam Smart Track is a beautiful solution.

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