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Cigar Box Guitars

    Guitars of today, whether they are acoustic or electric, come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes that fit just about every need out there. However, needs (or wants) are sometimes extremely unique, and that is when creative people fill the gap in all kinds of interesting ways. This results in some very interesting guitars, like cigar box guitars. You read that right; there are guitars made of cigar boxes!

    Cigar box guitars have actually been around for quite awhile; it’s believed they were first made in the 1840’s to 1860’s. They originally started as a way for musicians who were in poverty to play music without having to spend too much money, as these guitars were either cheaper to acquire, or easy enough to make. They were especially prominent in blues music, and were an important factor in the popularity of the genre!

    These guitars are still used today, too; the DIY nature of these instruments makes them quite appealing to people who like to create things. It’s still a cheaper way to make your own guitar compared to more modern methods, too. Watch the video below to see what one of these small guitars sounds like; you may be surprised at how pleasant the music created by these unique guitars is!






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