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Guitars Made From Unique Materials Part 2

    This week is another fun blog; creative people making guitars out of unconventional items! Much like part one, this blog showcases some really interesting handmade creations that are very awesome and very functional guitars. Read on to see things in guitars that you never thought you would see before!


    Colored Pencil Guitar – Burls Art






    We featured Burls Art on our previous blog entry about unique guitars, and here he is again, with another colored pencil guitar. As it turns out, pencils seem like a fairly sturdy and quality material to make guitars out of if you know what you’re doing. They also have such high potential to create interesting patterns, as seen in the neck of this guitar here.


    Plywood Guitar – Make With Miles






    We all know that guitars are made of wood, but it isn’t common that you see someone put together a guitar made entirely out of hardware store plywood. The end result is pretty fantastic looking, too! This video is also particularly interesting because the creator goes in to great detail about guitar building; you can learn a lot about how guitars in general are built in this video.


    Shelf Guitar – tchiks guitars and furniture






    If you were to just look at this guitar, it looks pretty standard and nothing seems out of the ordinary. But, in reality, it was made from a shelf! It takes true creativity to look at a shelf and think “this would make a great guitar”.


    Coffee Bean Guitar – Burls Art






    Here we are with Burls Art again, with yet another insanely awesome guitar build. Did you ever think coffee beans would look awesome if you put them in resin and turned them in to a guitar? Probably not, but it turns out that it actually does look pretty great. It also smells wonderful, too!


    Shovel Guitar – Burls Art






    The shovel guitar is probably the most unique and surreal guitar on this list! What would you do if someone had a guitar case, pulled a shovel out of it, and started playing it?

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