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Guitars Made From Unique Materials

    Most people make electric guitars out of different types of wood. They carve the wood, and then add the electronics and an electric guitar is born. Of course, that is over-simplifying it, but you get the picture.

    However, some creative people don’t want to stay inside that box. They have different ideas of what materials guitars could be made of, and they experiment with very different materials. The results of these experiments are often extremely unique and beautiful, and the process is very interesting to watch!

    Here are some creators that made amazing guitars out of very unconventional materials.


    Glass Guitar – Morningstar Glass Guitars






    Glass is, no doubt, an awesome material. It’s possible to create some really awesome looking things with it, so why not a guitar? Morningstar Glass Guitars specializes in making these guitars, and you can watch the build process in the video. Note that even the fretboard is entirely glass!


    Lego Guitar – Modustrial Maker






    Do you need a use for all those old Legos you had when you were a kid? Here’s possibly the best use for them that you’d ever find; a Lego guitar. Imagine rocking out to some metal on a guitar made of Legos!


    Mario Guitar – Cranmer Guitars






    This guitar is my personal favorite; it’s a guitar made entirely out of popsicle sticks, but with an interesting twist; the popsicle sticks were used as “pixels”, and Cranmer Guitars used them to make a design based on a classic Nintendo video game. The whole build was quite time-consuming, but the end result is amazing.


    Jawbreaker Guitar – Burls Art






    If you liked jawbreakers as a kid (or now), you’ll absolutely love this guitar made of jawbreakers suspended inside resin. The jawbreakers give the guitar a really awesome design when cut in half!


    Pencil Guitar – Burls Art






    Here’s another amazing design from Burls Art; a guitar made entirely of colored pencils. This one is particularly cool, because it looks just like a typical guitar until you get closer and see the pencils it is made up of!

    Thinking outside the box is always a good thing, but it’s particularly awesome when combined with guitar construction! Which one of these unique guitars is your favorite?

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