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Mission Engineering has the world’s largest range of professional volume and expression pedals designed for the latest generation of digital amps and effects.

From the EP-1 expression pedal, to the Expressionator controller, and buffered VM-PRO, Mission pedals are used by the top name artists, studios and venues worldwide.



Using the latest in USB and Lithium-ion technology, 529 power supplies power your entire pedal board from rechargeable batteries and tiny USB wall chargers.

Replace decades old big, heavy power supplies with exceptionally small and light units with modern features such as USB charging, and high current outputs for modelers and multi-effects.



Mission Gemini is the ultimate stage, studio and home amplified speaker for use with modelers and software based guitar systems.

Gemini combines Mission EmPower Technology™ multi-channel class D power amplifiers, active crossovers, variable EQ, and full range co-axial drivers, with traditional cabinet making craftsmanship, to create speakers that look as good as they sound.


I was wall-wart/daisy-chaining power before, and pedal noise made my pedals almost unusable. This made my pedal train so quiet that I’m actually hearing all the nuances of the pedal effects that I’d never heard before! No wires running to the wall are a HUGE bonus. 

What a brilliant little product! I have no idea how it does what it does but it works like a charm and was a great solution for my small pedal array. Highly recommended!

I was putting up with the 60-cycle hum for a long time because the thought of changing out 9V batteries for each one was causing me to have them all cheaply daisy-chained together from a single plug for convenience. Finally, I broke down and bought this and I’m thrilled.

Works exactly as advertised. Very sleek in person. You won’t regret your purchase.

We make things differently

Our goal is to make genuinely useful, professional tools for the modern musician, the kind of products you don’t find anywhere else.

Whether you are powering a tiny pedalboard, or building an international touring rig, Mission Engineering has you covered.

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