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New 529 USB Battery Pack Available Now

Thanks to our friends at Naztech, we are happy to offer the new 13,400mAh Li-Ion Mission 529 USB battery.

Featuring dual USB A and an 18W USB C PD output, it is compatible with all Mission 529 power converters including the 529HC and the forthcoming 529m. The low profile aluminum enclosure is robust enough for road use and slim enough to fit under small pedal boards, including the Pedaltrain Nano.

Use the blue QC output with a Mission 529 and power your pedal board for up to 8 hours.*
Use the grey phone output to simultaneously charge your phone or tablet.
Use the 18W USB C output with the Mission 529HC to power high current devices such as the Line 6 HX Stomp.
Use a USB A output to recharge the internal battery in a Mission 529i.

A 30W USB-C PD wall charger and USB C cable are included to quickly recharge the battery when required. Pass-through charging is supported and you can leave a Mission 529 powered board connected to the wall for continuous power when available. The USB A outputs remain on if the input power from the wall fails so you can use it as a UPS system to keep stable power to your pedal board and other sensitive electronic equipment during brownouts and other power glitches.

The 529 USB battery can also be used to power and charge other USB devices such as phones, tablets and laptop computers. It’s available now at the Mission Store price $96.00 including USB C cable and 30W wall charger.

* exact run time is dependent on total power draw. See for more details.

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