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Pre-order the illuminated Aero expression pedal.


    This one has been on the request list since the Winter NAMM music industry trade show in LA back in January. The new Aero light weight aluminum expression pedal with an illuminated base.


    Fair enough, it does look pretty cool, but is also practical. You can tell from almost any angle if your remote effect has been engaged which may not always be obvious with a simple LED indicator, especially from across the stage. On the Illuminated Aero pedal, you hit the toe switch and the entire base lights up with a halo effect.

    The SP1L-PRO Aero is in build now, and you can pre-order here. Orders will ship first come first serve beginning on or before September 12th so reserve yours now. There’s a pre-order discount and free shipping in the US.

    If you haven’t seen one in action yet, check out the demo video here.


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