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Building Pedals for Fun and Profit

When I was a kid learning about engineering and electronics, the magazines that we read in the pre-internet days were full of articles, projects, and kits promising hours of enjoyment and even the proposition of making money from our favorite pastime. Electronics kit building kind of fell out of favor during the computer age as the home based technology enthusiasts… Read More »Building Pedals for Fun and Profit

The Origins of the Electric Bass

    Many guitarists have likely thought about the origins of their instrument and where it came from. The modern electric guitar is a very popular and important instrument after all, and music would be very different without it. While thinking about the electric guitar, many musicians overlook the electric bass guitar; an instrument that has an interesting history, and is also… Read More »The Origins of the Electric Bass

    Rockin’ Christmas Song Covers

      With Christmas soon approaching, it is time to listen to some Christmas music! “Christmas music is boring,” you say? Well, it certainly isn’t with these metal covers of Christmas classics; you’ll be banging your head to these in no time. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Frog Leap Studios           Here’s a metal… Read More »Rockin’ Christmas Song Covers

      How to Clean Your Guitar

      Previously, we went over how to clean your strings and the best tools to use for cleaning them. This time, we will be going over the best way to clean the body of your guitar, so you can keep your favorite instrument nice and shiny! The Basics The best thing you can do for your guitar, much like your strings,… Read More »How to Clean Your Guitar

      Guitar String Cleaning Guide

      Strings are one of the most important parts of your guitar. The quality and overall shape of your strings can have a huge impact on what your music sounds like as a whole. Over time, though, as we play on them, a layer of grime will build up on your strings. This grime actually affects how your guitar sounds. Because… Read More »Guitar String Cleaning Guide

      The Early History of Guitars

        The guitar is, no doubt, an awesome instrument. With it, musicians have the power to create either soft, gentle music or hard, head-thrashing beats; these instruments sound great doing both! Did you know, though, that the modern guitar did not always exist in its current form? It sort of “evolved” over time to become what it has today. The very… Read More »The Early History of Guitars

        Cables: Which Are Best?

        In this blog post, we are going to take some different cables into the lab, and look at how they stack up in terms of some basic, measurable numbers. In our test, we have seven different cables varying in price from less than $6 to over $250. There are a variety of different core materials and jack plating’s, as well… Read More »Cables: Which Are Best?

        Playing With Effects

          Ever wonder exactly what people mean by hard clipping and soft clipping? What exactly is modulation? How measurable are the differences between say, a Big Muff and a RAT? One of the neat things about multi-effect devices is they bundle many different effects into a single package, and with a few additional tools we can use them to visualize the… Read More »Playing With Effects