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The World’s Most Influential Musicians

    There are many talented musicians throughout history, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Ever since instruments existed, there has been someone who could play them in ways that others could only dream of. However, there have been some musicians in particular that have been so incredible that they inspire other musicians’ playing style; it’s so influential that it becomes a significant part of music history!

    Here are some of the most influential musicians of all time, according to the data found here..

    The Beatles

    Artists Influenced: 1,200+

    Everyone knows who The Beatles are! They were experimental with their music, and tried many different things to alter their sounds. They even experimented with instruments that other bands of their genre would not normally use, like kazoos! The Beatles influenced and inspired some of the biggest names in music: Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and Kiss to name a few!

    Bob Dylan

    Artists Influenced: 660+

    Bob Dylan is another name that you have certainly heard if you are a music enthusiast, or probably even if you aren’t! In the 1960’s, Bob Dylan wrote some of the most influential albums of the decade. He is most known for the composition of his lyrics, and has been awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature for his innovation with song composition. He has inspired many great musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash.

    The Rolling Stones

    Artists Influenced: 550+

    The Rolling Stones, another iconic band, is known not only for their musical influence but for their stage performance and costume influence. The band had an iconic “bad boy” look that inspired others to take on the style. As far as music goes, they were innovative with how they recorded and created their music. Their name even inspired the popular Rolling Stone music magazine!

    David Bowie

    Artists Influenced: 430+

    Much like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie’s influence went past only his music. His fashion sense made waves in many industries, and you can spot clothing inspired by his style in fashion shows. He even inspired the video game Metal Gear Solid! As far as musicians go, Bowie influenced many. Some of them include The Killers, Marilyn Manson, and Madonna.

    The Velvet Underground

    Artists Influenced: 420+

    The Velvet Underground is a band of notable achievement; they are known for heavily influencing the development of punk rock. The themes explored in their music were a big factor in this, as they often were considered nihilistic. For a time, this band was also managed by Andy Warhol, a greatly influential pop culture artist. Warhol actually made one of their album covers; a banana. The Velvet Underground inspired many bands such as U2, Sex Pistols, and REM.


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