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USB Power for Pedals

    We are excited to announce the forthcoming Mission Power 529 USB pedal power converter. Power up to five effects pedals from any USB power source.


    The Mission Power 529 converts any 5V USB power source into five fully isolated 9VDC power outputs for your effects pedals. Power the converter from a portable USB battery, wall charger, car USB outlet or computer USB port. Connect up to four regular and one high power digital effects pedal.


    Use the USB output to charge a smartphone, or connect two Power 529 units together for up to ten pedal power outputs.

    The Mission Power 529 will easily fit small pedal boards such as the Pedaltrain Nano. Carry one around in a gig bag as a spare, put one on the desk for testing and repairs. The Power 529 provides portable pedal power wherever it’s needed.

    The Mission Power 529 will begin shipping in October 2017. Get more details at

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