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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guitarists

    With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it is certainly time to start thinking about what to get your loved one as a gift. Sure, you could go the boring route and get them candy, but why not get them something guitar-themed instead? Here are some Valentine’s day gifts for guitarists that are sure to make your loved one smile!


    Couples Mug Set

    Is your musician partner constantly away from you and on tour? Then this mug set would be a great gift for them! They could bring the mug along with them on tour and leave the other at home for you to use so you will always be connected in some way.

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    Guitar Pick Keychain

    A little keychain reminder of your love for your partner makes a very sweet gift. The pouch will keep the engraved metal pick safe, and they can pull it out any time they are thinking about you. Additionally, the pouch can be used to store extra picks so this keychain is both a kind gesture and practical!

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    Custom Engraved Wooden Guitar Pick Set

    If you are looking for a more personalized gift, this one would be an excellent choice. This little wooden pick box can be customized with any text that you’d like, along with the three wooden picks that come with it. Nothing says “I love you” as much as a personalized gift! The pick box can also hold many more picks, so it is something that can be taken on the road or to a show to use.

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    Stainless Steel Guitar Pick Keychain

    Here’s another great pick-themed keychain for your guitarist partner. This one is a metal pick and a small guitar charm on a key loop. While not functional as a real pick, it still makes a wonderful gift and serves as a small reminder of how much you love your partner.

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    Guitar Gift Set

    Here is a bundle of gifts for a guitarist. It comes with a fun mug, some cozy socks, and a pen holder shaped like a person playing a guitar. This is a great set of gifts for the guitarist that enjoys receiving more practical things as gifts. They will surely think of you every time they use one of the items in this bundle!

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