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Unique Guitars: The Harp Guitar

    Have you ever wondered what a guitar with harp strings looks like? It is safe to say that most people probably haven’t. However, if you’re thinking about it now, wonder no more; it actually exists! The harp guitar is an instrument of many strings. It sounds very much like a typical guitar, but the excess of strings allow harp-style plucking.… Read More »Unique Guitars: The Harp Guitar

    Popular Rock Albums of 2020

      This year is almost over, and 2021 will soon be upon us. 2020 may have been a strange year for everyone, but people from all walks of life still listened to and enjoyed music throughout the year; maybe even more so this year than any other. Let’s take a look at what rock albums people enjoyed the most this year.… Read More »Popular Rock Albums of 2020

      Rockin’ Christmas Song Covers

        With Christmas soon approaching, it is time to listen to some Christmas music! “Christmas music is boring,” you say? Well, it certainly isn’t with these metal covers of Christmas classics; you’ll be banging your head to these in no time. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Frog Leap Studios           Here’s a metal… Read More »Rockin’ Christmas Song Covers

        How to Pick a Pick

        Plectrums, or picks as they are most commonly known, are an essential item for every guitar player. They are one of the first things you should purchase when you’re new to playing guitar, and one of the things you should always have on hand when you’ve been playing guitar for awhile! For those that are new to guitar, though, picks… Read More »How to Pick a Pick

        Early History of the Amplifier

        Last week, we talked about the history of electric guitars and how the first ones came to be. However, we may be forgetting about one very important item used for playing electric guitars; amplifiers. Amplifiers have some interesting history behind them, too, and they weren’t always as advanced and reliable as they are now. Let’s take a look at the… Read More »Early History of the Amplifier

        The Early History of Guitars

          The guitar is, no doubt, an awesome instrument. With it, musicians have the power to create either soft, gentle music or hard, head-thrashing beats; these instruments sound great doing both! Did you know, though, that the modern guitar did not always exist in its current form? It sort of “evolved” over time to become what it has today. The very… Read More »The Early History of Guitars

          The World’s Most Influential Musicians

            There are many talented musicians throughout history, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Ever since instruments existed, there has been someone who could play them in ways that others could only dream of. However, there have been some musicians in particular that have been so incredible that they inspire other musicians’ playing style; it’s so influential that it… Read More »The World’s Most Influential Musicians