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Understanding Expression Pedals

Expression pedals are used to control variable parameters on electronic music equipment such as digital amplifiers, rack effects, stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and keyboards. The pedals do not contribute to the sound themselves, but remotely control aspects of the device they are connected to. It might help to think of an expression pedal as a remote knob that can be… Read More »Understanding Expression Pedals

The Early History of Guitars

    The guitar is, no doubt, an awesome instrument. With it, musicians have the power to create either soft, gentle music or hard, head-thrashing beats; these instruments sound great doing both! Did you know, though, that the modern guitar did not always exist in its current form? It sort of “evolved” over time to become what it has today. The very… Read More »The Early History of Guitars

    The World’s Most Influential Musicians

      There are many talented musicians throughout history, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Ever since instruments existed, there has been someone who could play them in ways that others could only dream of. However, there have been some musicians in particular that have been so incredible that they inspire other musicians’ playing style; it’s so influential that it… Read More »The World’s Most Influential Musicians

      Making the Transition to Transistors

        Looking for that rich, warm, smooth tone? Throw out your tubes and replace them with transistors. No, really! We often talk around here about tubes vs solid state. Whether you believe you can hear the difference or not, there is some consensus, at least in the most extreme examples, that smooth, warm, round, rich, gentle etc. are ‘tubey’ sounds, and… Read More »Making the Transition to Transistors

        Mission Gear in Action

          Here at Mission, nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers create awesome music with our products. So in this week’s blog, we’re going to feature some videos of musicians using Mission gear! Let’s start with this video of Marco, a very talented guitarist! You can hear and feel the passion in every note. Check out all the amazing sounds… Read More »Mission Gear in Action

          Guitar Pedals: A Short History

            Guitar pedals are wonderful devices that enable musicians to create interesting and unique sounds in their music, and most of us use them without a second thought. It’s rare to find a guitarist without some sort of pedal in their arsenal; even those who play recreationally have at least one or two trusty pedals. They simply just exist, and always… Read More »Guitar Pedals: A Short History

            Miking a Cab the Easy Way

              There’s a mixture of science and Mojo in miking up a guitar cabinet. As long as you have the time, space, and equipment available, it’s all part of the tone. However, unless we are setting up shop for a few weeks to record the new album, most of us are much more usually trying to get as much done as… Read More »Miking a Cab the Easy Way

              The Basics of Programming

                At their heart, computer processors run machine code. This is the series of 1s and 0s called bits(Binary digITS) that the device translates into voltage highs and lows used to control the display, keyboard, motor, switches, lights and so forth, in whatever system it’s being used. This is true whether the device is the CPU in your laptop, the microcontroller… Read More »The Basics of Programming

                Choosing a USB Power Delivery Power Bank

                  USB was originally designed as a replacement for the various serial and parallel connectors for computer peripherals. Back in the mid 1990’s, portable computers were becoming more popular and the industry wanted a standard interface that used a smaller connector. As well as carrying data, USB also added the ability to carry power. A single cable could be used both… Read More »Choosing a USB Power Delivery Power Bank

                  Building a Small Pedalboard

                  I thought it would be a fun project to see if I could quickly and easily assemble a full pedalboard of tuner, distortion, delays, modulation, and reverb with a small footprint and for a low cost, just using parts I could get on Amazon Prime with a Mission 529 power supply. Here’s how I did. There’s a full Bill of… Read More »Building a Small Pedalboard