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Unique Guitars: The Harp Guitar

    Have you ever wondered what a guitar with harp strings looks like? It is safe to say that most people probably haven’t. However, if you’re thinking about it now, wonder no more; it actually exists! The harp guitar is an instrument of many strings. It sounds very much like a typical guitar, but the excess of strings allow harp-style plucking.… Read More »Unique Guitars: The Harp Guitar

    Cigar Box Guitars

      Guitars of today, whether they are acoustic or electric, come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes that fit just about every need out there. However, needs (or wants) are sometimes extremely unique, and that is when creative people fill the gap in all kinds of interesting ways. This results in some very interesting guitars, like cigar box guitars.… Read More »Cigar Box Guitars

      Guitars Made From Unique Materials

        Most people make electric guitars out of different types of wood. They carve the wood, and then add the electronics and an electric guitar is born. Of course, that is over-simplifying it, but you get the picture. However, some creative people don’t want to stay inside that box. They have different ideas of what materials guitars could be made of,… Read More »Guitars Made From Unique Materials